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The future of EU cohesion policy as seen by regions and cities

Committee of the Regions, EU (2012)

The Committee of the Regions is fully aware of the variety and scale of the challenges which cohesion policy – an irreplaceable investment policy for the Union – will have to meet from 2014. This awareness strengthens the determination of all its members to make sure the voice of local and regional authorities is heeded. This brochure bears witness to that, at a time when the Committee’s opinions are being prepared and discussions are taking place between the various institutions, before alliances are forged. It will help readers to understand more clearly:

  • what cohesion policy is: the frontline instrument for European solidarity between regions;
  • its main purpose: to secure the development of our regions and produce medium and long-term effects, on the basis of strategic programming, integrated use of the funds, and enough flexibility to adapt to special situations;
  • what we see as its strength: the partnership method of co-financing combined with strict quality requirements for public spending, whilst ensuring that the new implementation conditions do not prove counter productive by creating an excess of red tape or unwarranted delays.
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