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Transformation Plan for La Mina Neighbourhood in Barcelona Metropolitan Region

La Mina neighbourhood is one the most deprived neighbourhoods in the Barcelona metropolitan area. It was originally built in the 1970s to offer new housing for those populations who were mostly living in slums in Barcelona. Since its conception, the neighbourhood was characterised by physical, geographical, economic and social disparities. Moreover, in the eyes of the Barcelona´s citizens, just the fact of being born in La Mina implies serious disadvantages for its residents.

In 2000, La Mina Transformation Plan was launched based on urban and social revitalisation. The objectives have been set in two action plans, one based on urban planning and one based on social revitalisation. Both of these plans were elaborated and disseminated widely to residents through participatory workshops and informative sessions so that they could be actively involved in decision-making procedures. One of the key elements of this Plan is La Mina Consortium, an institutional partnership between different levels of political administration: the municipality of Sant Adrià de Besòs and Barcelona, the Barcelona Provincial Council, and the Government of Catalonia. According to its residents, although the Plan has had a great impact in urban aspects, the social transformation is less evident according to both La Mina residents and promoters of this plan.

For more information on this Case Study, please contact: Oriol Biosca or Laura Noguera, Mcrit;

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