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Neighbourhood Plan – Action Plan for the Promotion of Quality of Life in a Segregated Neighbourhood

Santa Maria/Santa Anna–Tió neighbourhood is a working class neighbourhood in a high-income residential municipality, with a wide variety of socioeconomic problems, such as high unemployment, unequal public services, and small living quarters. Additionally, it is geographically isolated from Premià de Dalt by a motorway and it is physically located in the neighbouring municipality. In order to reduce the disparities within this municipality, Premià de Dalt presented a proposal to participate in the Catalan Government Neighbourhood Law.

The objective was increase the opportunities of the residents of Santa Maria/Santa Anna-Tió through the development of social programmes and improve the public space through an comprehensive urban intervention. It tries to benefit all the collectives of the neighbourhood through a combination of urban projects, infrastructures and community reinforcement.
Although the initiative comes from Catalan Government, during the process of implementation it has engaged the residents and drawn on their own local expertise. Therefore, the action has been based on local knowledge to assure that the Plan answers to the realities of the neighbourhood. Even though there have been external factors that have affected expected outcomes and schedules, the general impact of the initiative on the neighbourhood, in terms of urban and social improvements, is considered to be positive.

For more information on this Case Study, please contact: Oriol Biosca or Laura Noguera, Mcrit;

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