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RELOCAL on European Planning Studies Journal

RELOCAL team has published 9 papers on European Planning Studies Journal. These form one special issue edited on “Place-based Development and Spatial Justice”.

Within EU Cohesion Policy a place-based approach is expected to promote a strategic shift towards more place-sensitive, cross-sectoral and socially inclusive development. By drawing upon findings from our project, this special issue explores the relation between place-based development and spatial justice.

The editors of the special issue are Ali Madanipour, Newcastle University; Peter Schmitt,
Stockholm University and Sabine Weck, Research Institute for Urban and Regional Development
Dortmund. Nine papers from the RELOCAL Consortium, plus an editorial, are suggested for
publication (see below).

Editorial: Place-based development and spatial justiceSabine Weck, Ali Madanipour and Peter Schmitt

1. The concept of spatial justice and the European Union’s territorial cohesionAli Madanipour, Mark Shucksmith and Elizabeth Brooks

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