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The RELOCAL pilot case studies have already started!

The RELOCAL pilot case studies are already under way. The partners involved in the “pilot case study phase” have started to work in their cases study proposals.

Eight pilot cases were chosen at the Dortmund meeting out of a sample of 16 suggestions. Criteria for selection were, on the one hand, to choose the most promising cases concerning the overall RELOCAL research interest and, on the other hand, obtain a well-balanced overall sample with the representation of different types of actions in different territorial contexts.

The following table shows the pilot cases selected:

The guiding questions for case study research are grouped in eight research dimensions. There is a logical grouping of these dimensions in analytical and synthesising dimensions, with the former ones requiring fieldwork methods (interviews, observations, document analysis, etc.), while the latter ones call for the researchers’ assessment and reflection mainly.

The guiding questions under dimension 1-5 and how these are addressed methodologically need to be “translated” and adapted to each case study. It should be designed interview questionnaires and a methodological toolbox, which is appropriate to each specific case and the specific local context. Also, the methodological tools need to be adapted to what seems fit for the specific case. The research perspective changes for the dimensions A-C, where a final assessment of the researcher is expected. The researcher here is asked to step back and adopt a reflective stance, to critically interpret and evaluate the findings: What works well and what not and why? What is to learn from the case study with regard to the overall research questions?

The research dimensions and their main focus (Source: Manual for Case Study Research; ILS, UStockholm, HAS CERS, UNILUX)


After the Barcelona Meeting in February 2018, there will be a presentation of the overall sample of cases, and remaining 25 cases will start.

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