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RELOCAL Working Paper Series 1 – Paper on Problems of post-industrial city development. Tensions between the structure and image of Łódź (Poland)

By: Wójcik, M., Tobiasz-Lis, P., & Dmochowska-Dudek, K (2017)

The social and economic structure of towns and cities is characterised by a considerable degree of internal complexity and this ensures that the space societies generate is non-uniform, and subject to various transformations over time. Unevenness across urban space may be described by reference to different dimensions, which can be objective (relating to urban planning, the economy or society),or else symbolic, as inhabitants assess (assign value to) it, by way of individual experience and imagination. This is of particular importance where a society resembles that of Poland in having come through a multi-dimensional transformation variously described as a transition, modernisation, Europeanisation, globalisation or democratisation.

Attention was paid to selected aspects of spatial change, with the focus being on the contemporary development of Łódź, as associated with a new dynamism where large-scale urban developments are concerned – all the more so under the influence of programmes receiving EU funding.


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