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European Union: monitoring and evaluating local development in the 2014-2020

By: Kolosy, K (2013)

This paper focuses on the evaluation of local development in an institutional context, with an attempt to grasp and reconcile the baseline features of 21st century local development with the aim to establish a common baseline approach for assessing Community Led Local Development (CLLD) during the 2014-2020 programming period of the structural funds.It is the first time that regulatory provisions are considering the local level of public intervention as a mandatory approach to be adopted by all Member States.Within the broad spectrum of EU funding instruments, CLLD offers relatively low operational costs and strong social resilience. Simplified EU support can be entrusted to CLLD in order to unleash local social capital, a rich ferment to innovative solutions for sustainable development and better social justice. Added value could be ascertained through adjusted Quality of Life indicators built and monitored with participatory development techniques.

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