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European Funding: Integrated Territorial Investment

By: Murphy, E. (2013) In October 2011, the European Commission adopted draft legislative proposals for EU cohesion policy for 2014-2020. The new proposals are designed to ensure that EU investment is targeted on the Commission’s long term goals for growth…

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The city and spatial justice

By: Soja, E (2009) The specific term “spatial justice” has not been commonly used until very recently, and even today there are tendencies among geographers and planners to avoid the explicit use of the adjective “spatial” in describing the search…

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Reconsidering Localism

By: Davoudi, S. & Madanipour, A. (2015) ‘Localism’ has been deployed in recent debates over planning law as an anodyne, grassroots way to shape communities into sustainable, human-scale neighborhoods. But ‘local’ is a moving category, with contradictory, nuanced dimensions. Reconsidering "Localism" brings together…

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