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Multi-scalar patterns of inequalities

In the EU, spatial inequality is often conceptualised as regional inequality, and as a consequence it is measured at the level of large EU regions. Such measures show a large variation in income between European countries and also within countries.…

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A manifestation of the human border

On June 9th 2018, the artist Clio Van Aerde has started her expedition during which she seeks to explore the physical border of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. The departure and arrival point is Schengen and to arrive back to…

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RELOCAL First Project Conference

The first RELOCAL Project Conference was held on 15th February in Barcelona, hosted by the Faculty of Geography and History of the University of Barcelona. The Conference aimed at the interchange of research approaches between RELOCAL and its two twin…

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RELOCAL Consortium Meeting in Barcelona

The RELOCAL consortium met in Barcelona in February 2018 to streamline Case Study elaboration. Preliminary results of pilot case studies were discussed allowing for adjustments on the project's case study methodology. Then the consortium discussed new candidates for the remaining…

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RELOCAL Workshop in Dortmund

The Dortmund Workshop was the first step before launching pilot empirical work and testing the Manual for Case Study Research in practice. RELOCAL partners, in charge on pilot case studies, met together in Dortmund for a two-day session, focusing on…

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Creating bridges with Estonia’s University of Tartu

Martiene Grootens, Marie-Curie research fellow at the University of Tartu, Estonia, visited the Department of Geography University of Luxembourg from 25th - 28th of July 2017. Her research deals with the role of local public leaders in peripheral regions of both Estonia…

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