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Policy Brief 1

The Role of the Local in Improving Cohesion and Spatial Justice: integrating place-based with top-down approaches to local development There is growing concern about the increasing lack of positive identification with the European project by citizens. Persistent regional disparities and…

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JSSJ – Justice Spatiale / Spatial Justice

JSSJ - Justice Spatiale / Spatial Justice is a peer-reviewed, open access and bilingual journal of critical geography. The articles are published both in English and French. The RELOCAL members, Estelle Evrad & Cyril Blondel, from Université du Luxembourg, are…

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RELOCAL Consortium Meeting in Budapest

The RELOCAL consortium met on the 9th - 10th of October in Budapest on a two day workshop aimed at discussing insights and key messages of the first 18 Case Studies already available. The activity was organised so that discussions…

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More info about Case Studies: Rotterdam – TUDelft

Rotterdam is hip, hot and happening, but this mostly applies to Rotterdam North. The dichotomy between North and South is still great.  Around 2010 awareness grew that after years of urban renewal and restructuring it (Rotterdam South) certainly hadn’t deteriorated,…

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RELOCAL Conceptual Framework

The conceptual framework of RELOCAL, as defined in March 2017, responds to the need to develop a theoretical framework for the project in which activities during it development can be coherently based, based on a critical review of the existing…

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Multi-scalar patterns of inequalities

In the EU, spatial inequality is often conceptualised as regional inequality, and as a consequence it is measured at the level of large EU regions. Such measures show a large variation in income between European countries and also within countries.…

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