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6- Reflection of gender specific issues

RELOCAL focuses on spatial justice in the context of Cohesion Policy. Consequently, from a thematic point of view, gender issues, social concerns and needs of more vulnerable groups will be addressed generally in the project and specifically with respect to localities (case studies). As such, the RELOCAL consortium will address gender issues to the extent that they emerge during investigations of local perceptions of Cohesion Policy as an opportunity structure. Some of the fields within the project in which a gender sensitive approach will be taken into consideration are use of primary data reflecting gender aspects, consideration of gender aspects in the field of social conditions and effects; awareness of gender aspects within the elaboration of illustrative cases, gender balanced interviewing; adequate participation of women as part of interaction with stakeholders (focus groups and workshops) and as researchers in obtaining insights which reflect gender perspectives as part of spatial justice and fairness (e.g. policy options and tools); and efforts to achieve dissemination to in a gender balanced way.

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