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Monistrol de Montserrat, getting self-organized to overcoming the shadows of the Mountain

Monistrol de Monserrat is a 3.000 inhabitants town located in the outer Barcelona metropolitan region. Traditionally, Monistrol was a town with strong industrial activity in the textile sector but, it suffered from deep economic restructuring, and today industry is merely residual. Economy and employment is mostly based today on the tertiary sector, constituting to a higher extent a residential economy. In this context, the close presence of Montserrat Mountain and monastery is locally perceived as an opportunity for social and economic development of the town, linked to the development of tourism. However, large tourist flows head to the mountain (more than 2,5 million yearly) none visit Monistrol itself. 

The Monistrol town council promoted in 2008-2009 the Local Strategic Plan Monistrol 2020 setup to foster local economies and develop endogenous potentials to overcome spatial injustice, identifying local potential for place-based development strategies, and already existing bottom-up initiatives; facilitating horizontal governance mechanisms establishing communication / collaboration structures between the public and private sectors and the organised civil society; and integrating initiatives in a formal policy Local Action Plan that could provide institutional support to ongoing initiatives, and also constitute a roadmap for negotiations with higher administrative levels. 

For more information on this Case Study, please contact: Oriol Biosca or Laura Noguera, Mcrit;,

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